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I-CAR’s Stacey Wesselink talks on Under the Hood radio show and podcast


I-CAR’s Stacey Wesselink talks on Under the Hood radio show and podcast
Stacey Wesselink, associate vice president of marketing and segment development at I-CAR, recently talked with the guys from the nationally-syndicated Under the Hood radio show and podcast about why BodyShopology is an important resource for the driving public.
“Getting in an accident is probably one of those things that nobody wants to think about; we don’t plan for it. We do what we have to do to keep ourselves safe – we have the right insurance, we do a lot of research to make sure we’re purchasing the right vehicle with the right safety features for our needs,” Wesselink said during her Jan. 23 interview. “After we get in an accident, it’s just as important that we take the time to do the right research to find the right shop that has the training to do the right repairs on the vehicle we’re driving.
“BodyShopology is a tool we’ve created at I-CAR to essentially put that information into the consumers’ hands,” she told the Under the Hood hosts Shannon Nordstrom, Russ “The Super Tech” Evans and Chris Carter.
Under the Hood is a car talk show airing on over 225 radio stations throughout the country, reaching about 500,000 listeners nationwide. Its podcast can be downloaded via iTunes, Spotify, PlayerFM, Google Play, Stitcher, Libsyn and IHeartRadio.
During the podcast, Wesselink explained that statistics show about 65 percent of all the repair shops in our country – of all makes and sizes – are not trained to do repairs on today’s vehicles. With so many vehicle features that require specialized training for repairs, she noted how the driving public should feel confident that the people working on their vehicle have been trained to do it properly.
“The challenge then is how do you know and then how do you find those facilities that can do the right repairs. And that’s where BodyShopology comes in,” Wesselink told the podcast hosts. “It’s delivering information back to the consumer so they can do a ZIP code search on, find those facilities, understand what those right credentials are and then do their research and select a shop.”
During the interview, podcast hosts inquired about how BodyShopology works, how it’s different from other locator tools and how a body shop can receive I-CAR Gold Class certification in order to be listed on
“I would think that as vehicles advance … we’re going to see this become more and more important as we move forward in vehicles,” Carter, one of the show hosts, said during the interview.
For Wesselink, and those at I-CAR and BodyShopology, the long-term goal is to create that conversation and drive awareness about the importance of proper vehicle repairs.
“This is not a topic that many general consumers are aware of,” Wesselink said during the podcast. “We really want to empower the driving public to make the best decision possible for their safety and for their family’s safety.”